Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blog on the Go

Ah, yes... Finally.. The freedom to blog - anywhere, anytime! Since the Apple AppStore opened it's doors to third party softwares and games, I've been eagerly musing over the idea of blogging on the go - right from my phone. For people like me who spend a good 3 hours on the trains everyday, this is but a luxury.
Since last month, I've been playing with a few blogging tools and testing them on my iphone. Many free softwares exist, some very close but none having all the right tools for blogging on the go. Some didn't support blogger/blogspot where I host my blog, some didn't have the ability to edit posts once published, some just had a horrendous user interface. Well one of them almost impressed me. I had this blog drafted and ready to publish and right then received a phone call. And alas, I lost everything - the blogging tool simply didn't have the ability to auto save drafts on incoming calls! Then I ventured into paid apps, tried a couple and finally settled for one which delivers in terms of price and functionality - iBlogger. The interface is simple, and thought it doesn't support posting pictures in blogs (atleast for now), it is quite straight forward to use and doesn't fail in ways listed above.
Most of all, I finally have the freedom to blog, on the go.