Monday, January 29, 2007

Techno Corner : My fiddlings with my Wand

Technology has always fascinated me. So has the increasing dependence of mankind on the world of technology. Though I must admit that I am scared that one day technology will be so advanced as to belittle and take over mankind. Hmm... letz not get into that.

Amongst those mini, micro gadgets is the CELLPHONE - a device which keeps the time-based distance between any two points on earth to less than 5 seconds!! They have evolved from those hard-rock, brick-like communication devices to sleek smart all-pervasive gadgets where the name 'cellphone' is nothing but a misnomer.

The world of integration is the key to the future. Mobiles are not just used for communication anymore. Put in a high-end digital camera, chip in a classy music player, and add in outlook and other web tools, and also throw in a few gigs of storage. Well thatz what the phone of today look like - incredible!

But, besides all these, the one thing that fascinated me the most is the idea of plugging in an Operating System. BOOM! Now you've bridged the gap between the phone and the computer. And out come the Smart Phones - the truly smart ones - with tons of softwares and tools. Well, other than the huge display and the keyboard, now I can't see a reason why the mobiles can't obliviate the computers in the future.

And the wizard has met his wand - my first fiddlings with my smartphone sparked out the great magic that I can perform. And SO IT ALL BEGAN. Herez a glimse of my wand and itz encompassing world. Bringing magic to your fingertips - thatz what this is all about.

As I set down to spin my web of magic, I started to ponder over the enormous list of applications that I can create. The key is simple - itz not to just develop an app, well, you gotto build a killer app. Skilled workmanship by itself is deadly. But that powered by artful innovation is the ultimate solution.

The key idea is that, despite the limited capabilities of mobile devices, one can develop killer apps which can leverage on their strengths. Today mobile phones are an inherent item in one's arsenal and go almost everywhere with the person. And any application which leverages this feature will be a killer app. And so I came up with two ideas which can kick off well.

1) Expense Manager
How many of us would love to keep track of each and every expense that we make. How many of us would want to know our monthly expenses on food, rent, transportation, groceries, etc. A desktop software is painful as I need to remember all my expenses and key it in when I get access to a computer. However a mobile software can alleviate all these issues - whenever you spend on anything, anywhere, just pull out your mobile and key in the expense. Darn simple!!!

2) Mileage Calculator
Almost everyone of us have a car at home. And we've always wanted to keep track of its fuel mileage and find out how fuel-efficient our cars are. Herez finally a solution - just plug in a few details every time you fuel up and it does the rest for you.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Man's Doomsday Conspiracy

Well, a very strange topic indeed. An end to mankind - how shall it all come!!! Will it be a gaint meteor swooping down to leave all to ashes n dust? or will it be an evolution - a new creature that evolves (like man did) to annihilate all the predecessors? or will it be that one fine day, the profilic sun stops shining and the earth just withers away? or will it be the day when all other plants and animals decide or organize the monsterous coup in the history of (ironically) mankind.

Hell, no! Man needs no enemies. He's his own enemy and will bring about his own end. Gone are the days when noble men strode along with the humblest virtues . Today those thoughts are but withering whispers. So much deceit, so much ill-will, so much violence, so much greed. Where kindness unseen, where truth and honesty unspoken, where love and compassion unheard - the very norm of the day changes and the doom becomes imminent. The gloom of unhappiness casts its dark blanket. And it all ends.... only to make a new beginning!

A simple push did it all. Off the cliff he went down the deep gorge. He was falling! falling all the way down! Mixed thoughts and emotions raced through his mind as called aloud to the Almighty One, "What fault did I my Lord, to deserve such punishment, to be deceived so dear. Those I trust, those I believe, those I helped when in need - the very those deceived me here. What fault did I my Lord?". The skies shuddered, the winds shimmered, the rocks quivered as the Almighty One replied "O great son, I know not that danger was near. Thy virtues are those that lead to thy fall. The evil man has taken the world. But fear not, my son, fear not! Thy greatness deserves not such treatment. Cometh my Angel to scoop thee and land thee safe!". And he swayed down the gorge and saw the angels appear amidst the skies. Then came his voice, loud and clear, "No my Lord. Let me fall. I wish not to live. Let me die than to live in such misery and deceit. Forgive those who did this for time shall answer them all. And as I fall, wipe all memories of this happening, so I carry forth all great memories and remember no misery or deceit. So I fall, so I fall".

Dream your dream!!!

In hiding we lay, waiting for time to say,
'rise my friends and make your moment'.
aeons passed, many a sun had risen.
still no signs. we layst still,
tuggin on a rope by the name of hope!
Then came Time, one final moment,
to lend a hand to the riders of HOPE.
And off we flew, like the Pheonixes from the pyres,
to dream our dreams and live them too....

Arise my friends. Itz time to rise and shine, and LIVE OUR DREAMS!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Where IT all begins! Me to begin with...

It is but the beginning of a long journey. And what better way to begin than to begin with me.

Ahem, a whole page to boast abt me! dont get that too often n so let me do it with pride!

the story goes so on. two roades leadst the way. two choiseses that me may make. one road sayeth so - 'take on me, no turns, no toils, sail smooth, the same sprawling meadows stretch till any eyes can strain, the yellow daffodils and the singing winds to keep thee company, and remain it shall the same - forever n forever'. the other one lookst n sayeth 'hold hither, a journey me promises not to be sweet, roll the tide, toil the roads, thee may fall to never rise, or thee may rise to never fall, i tell you not what holds for thee but i tell you this - few reacheth the end of my mighty journey!'.

Well, life is always full of choices. times where thee may sit and let the time roll thee thru - smooth it may seem, pleasant and nice, but behold for the wicked deceiver by the name of TIME leadst you on a journey where thee have everything BUT CHOICE!!! thee goeth where the tide takesth thee, where the time leadsth thee but not where thee want to goeth! And then thee longs to take the ROAD NOT TAKEN - where thee toil against the tide, where thee play against the time to reach where thee wants to goeth. But then, it's all too late... so make not that mistake my friend, strive for what you want and fault not - those beliefs, those virtues, those goals, the pleasure is hard-earned but also more sweet. so arise, awake n act now!

things do not change by themselves, mountains dont move by themselves - there is someone who changes every small thing, somebody who moves those mighty mountains, so ask yourself this simple question - WHY NOT IT BE YOU?

I am IT. (Ayn Rand - Anthems)

kool dniheb eht dnoyeb rof ereht seil eht erutuf!