Monday, March 22, 2010

MBA Talk: Need an aim... a goal... Here's mine - an orange one!

Often, at times, we are spurred by the weirdest of goals and dreams.

Here's one for me.
Did you know T-Mobile owns a trademark for Magenta? Well, yes, the color 'magenta'. That gives them exclusive rights to use the color in their industry sector (telecommunications, digital media, phones, maybe even internet!).

But hey, how cool is that! To own your own color. So there goes my dream - to own 'orange' or at least a specific shade of it.

So how do I do it? Here is the gameplan.
  • Decide on a flavor of orange, say burnsque orange, misky musky orange, blah blah orange.
  • Start a company and build it big. I mean really really big.
  • Every aspect of the company should reflect the shade of orange - the walls, the computers, the products, the ink. Maybe even paint the employees orange.
  • Make the company and the products ubiquitous. So much that when people look at the misky musky shade of orange anywhere, anytime, they just think of one product and one company - MINE!
  • And then, my boy, the court would grant me ownership of 'Orange'. All Mine!

Well, I never say it was easy. But hey, it's possible!
As for the rest of you out there, may hay while the sun shines. Orange shall soon be mine...

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